Welcoming Notes

Dear Colleagues,

Oncological diseases in Africa are on the rise it is estimated that in 2040 there will be about 2 123 245 new cases. In the PALOP there will be about 93,000 cases, an expressive increase. A significant part of these malignant tumors are preventable. We have to adopt strategies that help change risky behaviors, increase the vaccination program against Hepatitis B and HPV, the early diagnosis of malignant diseases, the education of populations, the training that strengthens the multidisciplinary oncology team and between help of our countries.

The pandemic has revealed that only with organization, knowledge and a correct distribution of resources will we succeed. The pandemic will be won, but we will continue to have to fight cancer diseases. We hope that the congress will be a time of knowledge and strengthening of our connections.

AORTIC is a key organization in the fight against cancer in Africa, we appreciate your support. We thank Roche for making resources available for this event to take place.

Our motto for this congress is "Training to better care"


The Ministry of Health of Angola